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9 weeks to go.. and equipment upgrade?

So.. it's been a while since my last blog.  But here I am!
As the title says, it's only 9 more weeks until I'm off to spend almost a month traversing the US of A along with Canada and a brief trip into Mexico.  I was lucky enough to live in the USA (Seattle) for nearly 2 years when I was younger and this will be my first trip back.  I am beyond excited - can't you tell? I'm counting down when there are still 9 weeks to go!  I was originally dreading such a 'long haul' trip (2 hours from Cairns to Brisbane, a 3 hour stop over and then the 13 hour direct flight from Brisbane to LA) until I booked a ticket to the UK in January.. that gave me a swift dose of perspective.
I'm also considering investing in some new equipment to test out on the USA trip.  The new mirrorless camera systems have sparked an interest for me.  As you can imagine lugging around a lot of gear is not only costly on my baggage allowances, but also my back and my sanity.  I've often found myself NOT carrying my stuff whilst travelling and thinking later on 'Oh, I wish I'd brought this lens with me' etc.
As a devoted Samsung user, I'm considering the NX300 system and some of the lenses Samsung have bought out lately look very tasty indeed! I'm interested in the Samsung 16mm f2.4 i-function and also the 45mm f1.8 i-function lenses.
If and when I decide to go down this path, I'll be back with an update! Until then... happy shooting :)


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