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2014 travel plans...

As this is my first post on the blog since I built this new page, I guess the best way to start is to outline all the super fun trips I have planned this year!


Obviously for those already familiar with my travel blogging, I love to keep track of all the incredible and exciting places I'm fortunate enough to get to visit.  Those also familiar with me will know I'm an over the top (some might say anal) planner.  I can't help this. My day job is all about project management, so I'm big on planning, budgeting, risk identification and communication strategies.  Perhaps I'm fortunate that these skills are easily transferrable across to the world of travel..? 


So back to the reason for this post.. 2014 travels...


In March, I'm taking my Mum for a few days to the Kansai area of Japan.  This will be my fourth trip to Japan in less than 2 years and obviously it's a place that resonates with me!


In August, I'm spending a month travelling the west coast of the USA (with a quick day trip to Mexico) before heading north and into the Canadian Rockies.  Being summer, I'm going to have to dodge the squillions of other tourists visiting, but my biggest goals are to see a beaver (the animal, for you grotty minded folk!), orca, moose and hopefully a bald-eagle. I'm so excited about this trip as it's been a long time since I lived in Seattle and I finally get to go back!!


I have a few other little plans for some domestic Aussie trips around these, so hopefully will snare some shots whilst doing these.


What's everyone else got planned? I'd love to hear what you are all doing and if you've got any tips or ideas for me!


Happy shooting



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