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Off I go again...

So, tomorrow I embark on another adventure.  This time it's a solo one.  It's been a few years since I've done an overseas solo stint, and this one is much longer than the others! But, after a few hours stop in Hong Kong, I'll be in London!! Hooray.  I am beyond excited.  I've never been to the UK or Europe so this is my first opportunity to step foot in to the country we feel so connected to, here in Australia. 

I'd say wish me luck, however, I'm a project management person - I've got this baby planned to the nth degree! Let's see how that works out for me!

See you on the flipside! 



Welcome to the family..

As per my last blog post, I was tossing up the idea to throw a mirrorless compact system camera in to the mix.  Well, I did it. I bought the Samsung NX300!

So far, I am totally in love! The technology that this beast offers me, is insane.  I think back to my first DSLR, which was the super popular Canon 20D and what this Samsung camera offers is just mind blowing in comparison!

The camera has come with the kit lens (18-55mm) and together they are just so small and compact.  I love it.

This is the very first image I took, straight out of the camera. 

FYI - This is my solar powered Maneki Neko that sits on the dashboard of my car! It always gets a smile out of people as it waves and wobbles back and forth :)

As you can see, the picture quality is pretty good! Nice bokeh!

Now I'm currently investigating other lenses and I think the first cab off the rank will be the 16mm f2.4 pancake lens.  Who doesn't want a fast, wide lens for travelling? The reviews look amazing and notably it seems extremely well suited to street and landscape photos.  The other exciting thing is the price difference.  I won't say what I have paid for a Canon L lens, but anyone who is into photography knows that it's a very serious investment. At below $400AUD for this 16mm f2.4 lens, it really offers bang for buck value for money.

Anyway, that's all for now - there are only 6 more weeks until I am stateside, and I can't be more excited now that I have a travel companion in the Samsung NX300!

Happy snapping!


9 weeks to go.. and equipment upgrade?

So.. it's been a while since my last blog.  But here I am!
As the title says, it's only 9 more weeks until I'm off to spend almost a month traversing the US of A along with Canada and a brief trip into Mexico.  I was lucky enough to live in the USA (Seattle) for nearly 2 years when I was younger and this will be my first trip back.  I am beyond excited - can't you tell? I'm counting down when there are still 9 weeks to go!  I was originally dreading such a 'long haul' trip (2 hours from Cairns to Brisbane, a 3 hour stop over and then the 13 hour direct flight from Brisbane to LA) until I booked a ticket to the UK in January.. that gave me a swift dose of perspective.
I'm also considering investing in some new equipment to test out on the USA trip.  The new mirrorless camera systems have sparked an interest for me.  As you can imagine lugging around a lot of gear is not only costly on my baggage allowances, but also my back and my sanity.  I've often found myself NOT carrying my stuff whilst travelling and thinking later on 'Oh, I wish I'd brought this lens with me' etc.
As a devoted Samsung user, I'm considering the NX300 system and some of the lenses Samsung have bought out lately look very tasty indeed! I'm interested in the Samsung 16mm f2.4 i-function and also the 45mm f1.8 i-function lenses.
If and when I decide to go down this path, I'll be back with an update! Until then... happy shooting :)


2014 travel plans...

As this is my first post on the blog since I built this new page, I guess the best way to start is to outline all the super fun trips I have planned this year!


Obviously for those already familiar with my travel blogging, I love to keep track of all the incredible and exciting places I'm fortunate enough to get to visit.  Those also familiar with me will know I'm an over the top (some might say anal) planner.  I can't help this. My day job is all about project management, so I'm big on planning, budgeting, risk identification and communication strategies.  Perhaps I'm fortunate that these skills are easily transferrable across to the world of travel..? 


So back to the reason for this post.. 2014 travels...


In March, I'm taking my Mum for a few days to the Kansai area of Japan.  This will be my fourth trip to Japan in less than 2 years and obviously it's a place that resonates with me!


In August, I'm spending a month travelling the west coast of the USA (with a quick day trip to Mexico) before heading north and into the Canadian Rockies.  Being summer, I'm going to have to dodge the squillions of other tourists visiting, but my biggest goals are to see a beaver (the animal, for you grotty minded folk!), orca, moose and hopefully a bald-eagle. I'm so excited about this trip as it's been a long time since I lived in Seattle and I finally get to go back!!


I have a few other little plans for some domestic Aussie trips around these, so hopefully will snare some shots whilst doing these.


What's everyone else got planned? I'd love to hear what you are all doing and if you've got any tips or ideas for me!


Happy shooting



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